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Silent Alliance  -  The Homepage of the [S-A] Silent Alliance Clan
wrench776 [LTG]
Dasha Presents Update 0.6.4 | World of Warships
We've seen some questions about mods. Please note that any mods previously installed may cause compatibility issues with any update. If you have mods and have difficulty playing, u...
wrench776 [LTG]
World of Tanks Sandbox - Frontline Guide
In working on Frontline, it is important for us to involve you as much as possible, to deliver the best overall experience upon release. That's why we want you to become part of th...
wrench776 [LTG]
World of Tanks Sandbox Server - Frontline mode
Sandbox reopens for massive 30v30 battles in an all-new game mode. Apply to test it now!
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wrench776 [LTG]To all who visit this site I will be changing some things around Because no one want to donate to it. So I will be letting it go back to a free site. The last time someone from the clan visited the web site was back in Jan of 2017.
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wrench776 [LTG]
Sandbox Server's Second Iteration Begins
Apply now to test revised penetration loss values, accuracy, and alpha damage.
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wrench776 [LTG]  added 30 Advanced days to Silent Alliance
wrench776 [LTG]
Update 9.16 is Coming!
Teams all over Wargaming are keeping steady hands on the steering wheel for the release of Update 9.16. There's a lot of cool stuff on the way, and we can't wait for you to all che...
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wrench776 [LTG]
Introducing Update 0.5.11 | World of Warships
The update happens September 7 ; preparation begins at 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET until 05:00 PT/ 08:00 ET. We've added an option to view the "stock" armor layout of any ship on the tech t...
wrench776 [LTG]
New German Battleships - Dasha Presents the 0.5.10 Update No...
There's a new line of German battleships stretching from tier III to tier X, including Nassau, Kaiser, König, Bayern, Gneisenau, Bismarck, Friedrich Der Groβe, and Groβer Kurfürst....
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