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Status updated 2 mins ago
Hey, all Attack here just putting this out for everyone to post some of there great games to a web site for everyone to view them, also I will try to upload replays for everyone to view to give you all an idea of how I play, some will be in platoons but hopefully most will be solo.
 Here is the website all you need to do is click Sign-In in the top right hand corner

If you are in game playing World of Tanks, you need to be in Team Speak

Check us out on Facebook

Tier 10 lites active now!!
Update 9.18 is live!!! Arty nerf's/ changes and Matchmaker changes in effect.
I will be letting the web site go back to free.
Wrench and Attack, I need to speak with you. Will be on TS tonight.
Happy Birthday Hunin
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